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        In hunan province sheng heat energy technology co., LTD. Is committed to microwave can technology development and application.
RWTW microwave high temperature pusher kiln
RWLJ garbage microwave pyrolysis kiln
RWS-1.5 Microwave multi-function high temperature reseach furnace
RWGF microwave/hot-air low temperature roller kiln
Leakage transformer
RWFF microwave/hot-air low temperature shed dryer
RWDF microwave/hot-air low temperature conveyor dryer
RWET microwave/electric high temperature pusher kiln
RWZ microwave high temperature top-hat kiln
RWEG microwave/electric high temperature roller kiln
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Our work---Being the leader of energy innovation equipment forever
Our belief--- Integrity Mutual-benefit Virtuous
Our strategy---Winning with quality
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Yueyang city,Hunan Province,China
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